The Law Societies' office in Brussels was set up by the Law Society of England and Wales, Law Society of Scotland and Law Society of Northern Ireland. Its main functions are monitoring the EU policy and legislative developments and representing the profession towards the European institutions. We provide information and support for solicitors and law firms and organise various events.

In this issue, we continue our digital and data theme for 2017 with a look at data regulation, security and surveillance.

With an article from the UK's very own Sir Julian King, the EU Commissioner for the Security Union, on online radicalisation, as well a review of the EU's new data economy package and the EU's actions to counter 'fake news', we see that the EU is acting quickly in response to the new opportunities and challenges arising in the continually developing 'Digital Age'.

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Commission vows to increase accountability in decision-making

22 March 2017

On 14 February, the European Commission proposed amendments to the Comitology Regulation, in a bid to increase transparency and accountability in the procedures for implementation of EU legislation.

Want to help refugees? Volunteer with the European Lawyers in Lesvos!

9 March 2017

The CCBE is looking for volunteers to join the ‘European Lawyers in Lesvos’ project to provide legal assistance to refugees and migrants.

International Women’s Day: Women-owned law firms flourishing

7 March 2017

Equality in the solicitor profession is moving closer with more than a third of law firms in England and Wales now estimated to be majority-owned by women, the Law Society of England and Wales said to mark this year’s International Women’s Day -8 March.

EU at the crossroads

3 March 2017By

On 1 March, the Commission published its vision on the future of the European Union. Stretching over 23 pages, the document presents five scenarios for how the EU could evolve by 2025. 

Guardians of Legal Professional Privilege

24 February 2017

A new practice note on Legal Professional Privilege (LPP) that offers solicitors the latest guidance on this fundamental legal principle was today released by the Law Society of England and Wales.

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Brussels Agenda - March 2017

7 March 2017

The March 2017 edition of Brussels Agenda looks at Brexit and the negotiating objectives in the field of practice rights, recognition and enforcement of judgments, as well as consumer and family law.

Brussels Agenda - February 2017

27 February 2017

In this issue, we continue our digital and data theme for 2017 with a look at data regulation, security and surveillance.

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