To say that recent months have been awash with developments on gender and equality issues would be an understatement. The break of the Weinstein scandal in October triggered something of a domino effect of sexual harassment claims and allegations, not just in Hollywood but in Westminster as well as here in Brussels.

The revelations sparked an international campaign of solidarity of women sharing their stories of sexual harassment with hashtag #MeToo. It became rare for a day to pass without a new allegation of sexual harassment being made against a celebrity figure or high-level politician, including Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey, UK Secretary of State for Defence Michael Fallon, Labour MP Kelvin Hopkins and UK First Secretary of the State and Minister for the Cabinet Office, Damian Green, to name a few. With a multitude of speeches, meetings and events to listen to and attend, the Law Society has been abuzz with discussion of new developments in the Union. There have been renewed calls for unity between member states in the face of external pressures including third countries, technological innovation and Brexit.

We reflect on the shape of the bloc via an analysis of Juncker’s state of the Union speech, an audience with the Estonian prime minister and a report on the latest Brexit negotiations. Regulatory proposals tackling competition in a breadth of areas from social media and technology to investment have been put on the table and we have devoted a number of articles to considering these evolving matters.

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The Hague Judgments Project reaching the finishing line

5 December 2017

Tamasin Dorosti, trainee solicitor on secondment to the Brussels Office attended the seminar we co-hosted in London on the Hague Conference Judgments Project. She gives an overview and update of the draft Convention. 

Gender Representation on Public Boards (Scotland) Bill

5 December 2017

The Law Society of Scotland provides an overview of the recently introduced Gender Representation on Public Boards (Scotland) Bill. 

Law Society of England and Wales in bid to intervene in landmark privilege case

10 November 2017

Permission to intervene in an appeal concerning the rights of the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) to have access to client-lawyer communications was today being sought by the Law Society of England and Wales.

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Brussels Agenda - October 2017

10 November 2017

Whilst we lamented a quiet August in the capital during our last issue, we cannot make the same complaint about September!

Brussels Agenda - September 2017

21 September 2017

“August”, Irish novelist Edna O’Brien tried to convince us, “is a wicked month”. There was a time indeed when the month passed was as dull as a Brussels summer; so bereft of news that in Britain it was called the ‘Silly Season’. (The Dutch, for reasons unexplained, opted instead for Komkommertijd - ‘Cucumber time’).  Alas, such innocence is long gone, swept away by the winds of Brexit and Trump. Thus far in August 2017 we have seen White Supremacists march in the ...

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