The Law Societies' office in Brussels represents the solicitor profession towards the European institutions. We monitor the EU policy and legislation important to the profession, provide information and support for solicitors and law firms and organise various events. Our office was set up by the Law Society of England and Wales, Law Society of Scotland and Law Society of Northern Ireland.
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This month, we are taking a closer look at the issues surrounding law and its relation to technology. The world now relies on technology to access markets it could not do so before, from different countries to different businesses.

The end of roaming charges in the EU from 15 June this year demonstrated just how dependent we are on technology helping us to access data networks wherever we are in the EU. In 2016, the EU identified the Digital Single Market strategy as a means to create new opportunities for all within the EU regarding jobs, health data, the economy etc. also indicating a focus on technology.

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Shining a light on the dark side of the Internet: the spread of fake news and legal responses

11 October 2017

On 6 September Tamasin Dorosti, one of the trainee solicitors on secondment at our office and Peter Boyle, our intern attended the European Parliament for two separate events on “fake news”. They have provided a combined analysis of both events and whilst each consisted of a different panel they both focussed on very similar themes and ultimately reached the same conclusion; that there lies a responsibility with technology companies to do more to ensure society and consumers are not ...

New Council representation for international Scottish solicitors and solicitor advocates

25 September 2017

Two brand new seats on the Law Society of Scotland Council have been filled by a Scottish solicitor working in Brussels and a solicitor advocate based in Fife.The addition of the new co-opted seats was approved at the Society’s AGM in May of this year, with the aim of better reflecting an ever changing and increasingly globalised profession. 

Transitional deal will help ease shock of Brexit

22 September 2017

News the UK Government is to push for a transitional deal for the two years after Britain leaves the EU was today welcomed by the Law Society of England and Wales.

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Brussels Agenda - September 2017

21 September 2017

“August”, Irish novelist Edna O’Brien tried to convince us, “is a wicked month”. There was a time indeed when the month passed was as dull as a Brussels summer; so bereft of news that in Britain it was called the ‘Silly Season’. (The Dutch, for reasons unexplained, opted instead for Komkommertijd - ‘Cucumber time’).  Alas, such innocence is long gone, swept away by the winds of Brexit and Trump. Thus far in August 2017 we have seen White Supremacists march in the ...

Brussels Agenda - July-August 2017

17 August 2017

Following the publication of the UK’s Bill on the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017 and with the EU calling for clarity from the UK after the second round of negotiations, we invited Sajjad Karim MEP to share his thoughts on Brexit and devolution with us.

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