A closer look at some of the news, issues and consequences which have arisen following the UK Government’s notification under Article 50 that the UK will leave the European Union.


Key legal issues for the upcoming EU-UK negotiations

21 April 2017

The UK Law Societies have just published the report that sets out the key priorities for the upcoming negotiations between the EU and the UK.

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Law Societies' position on citizens' acquired rights

18 July 2017

The UK Law Societies’ latest briefing discusses citizens’ acquired rights in the context of the negotiations of the UK withdrawal from the EU. The briefing welcomes the priority given to the rights of the EU citizens in the UK and the UK citizens in the EU post-Brexit. 

Brexit bill: People's rights must be placed centre stage

13 July 2017

Today the UK government fired the starting gun on the biggest change to our legal system for more than 40 years - the unravelling of our relationship with the European Union. The Law Society of England and Wales and solicitor profession will work tirelessly with all parties to ensure people’s rights are put centre stage.

The Trade Policy Implications of Brexit: High Risk, Murky Rewards

9 May 2017By

With greater clarity on both the UK and the EU positions, we now have a better understanding of the huge challenge they face in finding agreed terms for Brexit. Discussions will now begin about the staging of talks, the fate of millions of EU and UK citizens, and the financial settlement. However, there is much less clarity for business and the legal community on the trade policy implications of Brexit. 

Launch of the General Election 2017 Law Society of England and Wales manifesto

5 May 2017

Whoever wins the general election should put access to justice at the heart of their plans for post-Brexit Britain, the Law Society of England and Wales said today as it launched its General Election 2017 manifesto.

Brexit: key players

27 April 2017

Institutionally, the path towards Brexit is clear. The Council will mandate, the Commission will negotiate and the Parliament and the Council will vote. But, as Emerson reminded us, ‘an Institution is the lengthened shadow of one man’, and so, with Article 50 triggered, attention ...

EU negotiation parties: Which EU institutions are involved in the negotiations

27 April 2017

Article 50 TEU, together with Article 218 TFEU, set out the main procedures to follow. These follow closely the other EU procedures: the Commission will present a mandate, form a team, report to the Council, and the Council and the European Parliament will accept. The mandate proposal is likely to be tabled by the Commission is April. Meanwhile, the European Council has published draft negotiation guidelines.  

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