A closer look at some of the news, issues and consequences which have arisen following the UK Government’s notification under Article 50 that the UK will leave the European Union.

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Key legal issues for the upcoming EU-UK negotiations

21 April 2017

The UK Law Societies have just published the report that sets out the key priorities for the upcoming negotiations between the EU and the UK.

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Don’t let Brexit jeopardise UK’s valuable services sector

21 March 2018

Professional services accounted for approximately 7.8% of UK GDP in 2016 – the latest figures – yet the EU trade deal with Canada (The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)), widely touted as the model for the UK post Brexit, does not provide a comprehensive framework for them. CETA has been given increasing attention following Michel Barnier’s publication of CETA as the ‘one available option’ given the UK government’s red lines on policy going forward.

Don’t let Brexit jeopardise UK’s valuable services sector

30 January 2018

Decades spent building the UK’s unrivalled professional services sector must not be thrown away in an EU deal which ignores Britain’s valuable legal services, the Law Society of England and Wales warned.

Brexit and family law – position paper

19 January 2018

In this article, we discuss three main possibilities for when EU family law provisions will cease to apply in the UK post-Brexit.

Healthcare in Scotland needs consideration as part of Brexit negotiations

3 November 2017

The Law Society of Scotland has said that healthcare needs in Scotland should be considered alongside those of the UK as a whole, as part of ongoing Brexit negotiations.

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State aid law post-Brexit

3 November 2017By

The Brexit journey is underway and there will be plenty of twists in the tale ahead. After all, no country has ever left the EU before. The UK’s legal landscape post-Brexit could get quite a shake-up, with all laws derived from the European Union potentially being subject to change. One such candidate for consideration is the perhaps lesser known branch of competition law known as State aid.

Brexit – where are we now and where are we going?

30 October 2017

The months of September and October saw a number of key developments take place in the on-going Brexit negotiations.

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