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Cookies are small text files stored on your computer while you are visiting a website. Cookies help make websites work. They also provide us with aggregated information about how users interact with our site. We use this information to try to improve your experience on our website.

We may use cookies to remember personal settings you have chosen at our website. In no other context do we use cookies to collect information that identifies you personally. Most of the cookies we set are automatically deleted from your computer when you leave our website or shortly afterwards.

Complete information about the cookies that may be set when you visit our website can be found below. A link to this page appears on all pages of our website.

Cookies set by

Below is a list of cookies set by the Joint Brussels Office website, along with a brief description of what each is used for.

Cookie namePurposeDuration
ASP.NET_SessionIdUnique identifier for sessions, identifies a user’s session.When you close your browser
ASPXAUTHCreated when a user successfully logs into the site and destroyed on logout. The presence of this cookie indicates the user is logged in. This cookie is encrypted and contains some user specific information such as their user id.1 month
ADFEAuthCookieUsed to authenticate user when they log in to the site.When you closed your browser
AgentCookieCreated when a user successfully logs in. This cookie is used to uniquely identify the user’s browser and device. It does not collect any personal information.When you close your browser
pollingA cookie is created whenever a user votes on a poll, to stop them being allowed to vote multiple times1 month
AnonUserCookieUsed in validation of surveys to store the last action performed.When you close your browser

Third-party cookies

A number of the services we use to add value and convenience to your experience of our website may set cookies on your browser on our behalf. These services fall into three broad groups: web analytics, surveys and advertising.

Web analytics

We use a third-party service - Google Analytics - to collect aggregate data about usage of our website. We use this information to try to improve our web-based services. Google Analytics sets several cookies on your browser. We do not control the use of the these third-party cookies, and you should check Google’s privacy policy if you have concerns.

ServiceCookie nameDuration
Google Analytics_utma2 years
Google Analytics_utmbAfter 30 minutes of inactivity
Google Analytics_utmcWhen you close your browser
Google Analytics_utmz6 months
Google Analytics_utmv2 years


We occasionally run surveys on our website. The surveys are hosted by SurveyMonkey, which sets cookies to help it track your answers to the survey and also to make sure you’re not bothered again with a request to complete a survey if you’ve already seen it.

We do not control the use of the these third-party cookies, and you should check SurveyMonkey’s privacy policy if you have concerns. 

ServiceCookie nameDuration
research.netP_37608609When you close your browser
research.netep20112 months
research.netep20212 months
research.netmbox30 minutes

Sharing buttons and social media

The Joint Brussels Office website allows you to share articles, and also to engage with us via our social media channels. The software we use - ShareThis - sets cookies on your computer.

We do not control the use of these cookies, and you can find out more on ShareThis.

ServiceCookie nameDuration
Linked Inbcookie

2 years
When you close your browser

Twitterpid2 years
GoogleSID2 years
AddThis__atuvc2 years

uuid2, sess, Bt, Dl, loc, psc, uld, ult, uvc, xtc, sess, uuld2

Up to 2 years

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