Freedom of movement within the EU

After a relaxing winter break, we are kick starting 2018 with an edition on the topical issue of free movement. This is likely to be the main focus for the year ahead, as the UK starts negotiations for its new relationship. It is yet to be seen whether it will opt for free trade arrangements or something more akin to single market.

Access to Financial Services Post-Brexit

7 February 2018

The EU’s focus on Banking and Economic and Monetary Union is encouraging in light of the impending second tranche of Brexit negotiations between the UK and the EU. The services sector as a whole accounts for approximately 79% of UK Gross Domestic Product and EU regulators’ continued focus is particularly important when considering the new basis required to enable businesses to provide financial services cross border.

Freedom of movement of junior lawyers – past, present and future

7 February 2018

In the UK, the titles covered by the directives are advocate, solicitor and barrister (thus excluding legal executives or trademark attorneys).  Since the Lawyers Directives only cover fully qualified lawyers, they do not apply to trainee/part-qualified lawyers (or those with non-equivalent qualifications). 

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