Data regulation, security and surveillance

In this issue, we continue our digital and data theme for 2017 with a look at data regulation, security and surveillance.

With an article from the UK's very own Sir Julian King, the EU Commissioner for the Security Union, on online radicalisation, as well a review of the EU's new data economy package and the EU's actions to counter 'fake news', we see that the EU is acting quickly in response to the new opportunities and challenges arising in the continually developing 'Digital Age'. We also have articles from Sir Michael Burton, President of the UK's Investigatory Powers Tribunal, and Dr Nathalie Moreno, an experienced commercial technology lawyer, on surveillance and its impact on citizens. Finally, Peter Wright, the founder of DigitalLawUK Ltd and Chair of the Law Society of England and Wales' Technology & Law Reference Group discusses the Computers, Privacy & Data Protection Conference 2017.

The Computers, Privacy & Data Protection Conference 2017

27 February 2017

Peter Wright, who runs DigitalLawUK Ltd, shares his comments on the Law Societies’ Brussels Office panel on mass surveillance during the Computers, Privacy and Data Protection Conference on 27 January.

EU fights fake news

20 February 2017

Amid increasing concerns that Russia will use disinformation to sway the upcoming elections in the Netherlands, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Sweden, the EU has allocated additional funds to its ”East StratCom” team to expose fake news. 


New surveillance laws in France and the implications for civil liberties and basic procedural safeguards

30 January 2017

Dr Nathalie Moreno, Partner at Lewis Silkin, shares her comments on the current developments in relation to surveillance laws in France. The article is part of her contribution to the Law Societies’ Brussels Office panel on mass surveillance during the Computers, Privacy and Data Protection ...

Mass surveillance and the Investigatory Powers Tribunal

30 January 2017By Sir Michael Burton

Sir Michael Burton, President of the Investigatory Powers Tribunal, shares his experience and views on the role of judiciary in overseeing the intelligence activities of the State. He appeared as a member of the panel on mass surveillance and justice systems held during the Computers, Privacy ...


The Commission unveils its data economy package

12 January 2017Updated: 20 February 2017

On 10 January 2016, the EU unveiled its Data Economy Package, consisting of a new Proposal for a regulation on privacy and electronic communications, a Communication on Exchanging and Protecting Personal Data in a Globalised World and ...

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