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Have you ever thought of a career In-house and didn't know where to look, or perhaps you are general counsel for a company or organisation already, or maybe you are just interested in what this legal path entails. If any of the above apply to you, then June's In Focus section will be of particular interest as it focuses on the good, the bad and the not so ugly aspects of working as an in-house solicitor.

The number of In-house solicitors in all three UK jurisdictions has increased substantially over the past few years and the various roles and contexts in which these solicitors work has been through an evolution process. Changing attitudes towards In-house solicitors and a greater understanding of the work they become involved in has seen more opting to pick this particular path.

In this Brussels Agenda, we feature articles from a number of In-house lawyers who share with us their experiences of working In-house including the highlights, the challenges and what it takes to work In-house and why they think more are viewing it as an attractive alternative to private practice. Our contributors provide a useful insight into their profession and cite a number of tips for those that are interested in this route.

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In focus: Growing influence of GCs revealed by Law Society of England and Wales (LSEW) report

25 July 2016

More than two thirds of general counsel (GC) now sit on their organisation’s board, with more than half reporting to the CEO, the LSEW’s 2015 GC350 study reveals today.

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In focus: Legal professional privilege (LPP) for in-house lawyers – the European context

25 July 2016

The extent and criteria for the EU LPP, set out by the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU), have been subject to considerable attention in the past four decades, following the 1982 AM&S judgment and, more recently the 2010 judgment in Akzo Nobel.

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In focus: In-house lawyer survey on EU membership

25 July 2016

In April/ May this year, the Law Society of Scotland carried out a survey of their In-house members in relation to their views and thoughts on the EU Referendum.

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In focus: How to - progress in-house

25 July 2016

When lawyers move in-house they must be prepared to take control of their own careers, writes Eduardo Reyes.

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In focus: In-house lawyer profile - Maria Elena Sanz Arcas

22 July 2016

The Law Society of Scotland spoke to two of its in-house members who started their careers elsewhere in Europe. This article follows the career of Maria Elena Sanz Arcas who now works for Scottish Power. 

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In focus: In-house lawyer profile - Claudia Bennett

22 July 2016By

The Law Society of Scotland spoke to two of its in-house members who started their careers elsewhere in Europe. This article follows the career of Claudia Bennett who now works for the Office of the Advocate General Scotland. 

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In focus: meet the team - Q&A with other In-house lawyers at Translink

22 July 2016

The Law Society of Northern Ireland takes the opportunity to listen in on a Q&A with two members of JP Irvine’s legal department at Translink.  Clare McLaughlin is the senior company lawyer in the team and Clare Downey is the Company’s property and prosecutions lawyer. Read on to hear what they have to say. 

In focus: Key challenges to note for aspiring In-house lawyers

22 July 2016

This article takes a look at four of the key challenges which are faced by In-house lawyers and what you can do to overcome these. 

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