UK opens inquiry into transparency in trade

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The International Trade Committee have launched a new inquiry to investigate the appropriate level of transparency and scrutiny of trade strategy and negotiations as the UK begins establishing a post-Brexit trade regime.

The Committee will draw on the approaches taken by similar nations and trading blocs to inform its conclusions, and was particularly interested in hearing evidence concerning practice in other jurisdictions.

Submissions were sought to work towards answering the following questions:

  • Which documents should the Government make publicly available?
  • What level of access should Parliament and the devolved administrations have to trade policy documents?
  • How should the Government consult business and civil society groups on trade policy matters, including prospective and on-going trade negotiations?
  • What role should Parliament and devolved administrations have in drafting and/or approving the negotiating mandate for negotiations?
  • What procedures should be in place for Parliament and devolved administrations to scrutinise trade agreements as they are being negotiated?
  • What powers should Parliament and the devolved administrations have over the ratification and implementing of trade agreements?

The deadline for this was Friday 22 June. The Law Society discussed the inquiry internally and responded.


Further information can be found here:

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