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European Elections - Comment from Sir Jonathan Faull

29 May 2019

Sir Jonathan Faull of Brunswick Group shares his reaction to the European elections.

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The CETA Opinion of the CJEU: Right of Access to an Independent Tribunal by Emily Hay

29 May 2019

On 30 April 2019, the European Court of Justice (“ECJ”) delivered its opinion on the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (“CETA”) between Canada and the EU and its Member States (the “CETA Opinion”). The CETA Opinion responded to Belgium’s questions to the Court regarding the compatibility of CETA’s dispute settlement mechanism with the EU treaties.

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'What to expect from the 2019 European Parliament elections' by Nicholas Whyte

6 March 2019

From the 23 May to the 26 May, 2019, members of the next European Parliament will be elected. That much is certain. But this election is more than usually uncertain. 

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'The Commons rejects the Brexit deal: analysis' by Jack Simson Caird & Ellis Paterson

30 January 2019

 Dr Jack Simson Caird and Ellis Paterson from the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law present an analysis of the constitutional mechanics of the (in)famous) meaningful vote of 15 January 2019, including the ultimate impact of the many amendments tabled by MPs as well as what may happen next.  

Fork in the road: Brexit and the choice facing Britain in March 2019

Fork in the road: Brexit and the choice facing Britain in March 2019

30 November 2018

As the debate in the UK Parliament on the ratification of the draft Withdrawal Agreement begins, it is a useful time to analyse the consequences of the adoption (or non-adoption) of the Agreement from a legal perspective.

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'The Next Mandate – An EU in flux' by Wes Himes

24 October 2018

This time next year there will be a new European Parliament (EP), a new relationship with the UK and a new Commission. The impact of these events will be felt far beyond the key dates themselves (May 23-26, March 29 and October respectively) as the rolling landscape of elections and political parties continues to confound poll watchers across Europe. For the thousands of interest representatives in Brussels the challenges posed by the new make-up of the European Institutions and the ...

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'The quest for strong leadership' by Andrew Duff

17 October 2018

Cross-party intergroups are a regular and redeeming feature of the European Parliament. They allow MEPs to step aside from their normal committee work and to loosen partisan ties in discussion with colleagues from across the House who share a special interest and expertise. 

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'Dublin: too much politics, not enough law-making?' by Tom Freely

5 September 2018

The talk of the EU’s so-called migration crisis has been constant for the last three years and migration has been high on the agenda at almost every recent European Council meeting.

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