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Brexit and Devolution - Unchartered Territory

17 August 2017By

Sajjad Karim MEP shares his views on the upcoming challenges with regard to Brexit and devolution.

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Virtual Competition

5 July 2017By

E-commerce has brought us all closer to the promised land of competition – where ample choice, better quality and lower prices reside. Our online environment is seemingly delivering constant waves of innovation and competitive pressure. It has led to reduced barriers to entry, increased market access, increased market transparency and lower search costs. 

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Strengthening the EU's trade ties – Mexico and beyond

16 May 2017By

The 28 member states of the European Union – and 27, once the UK has left us – together form one of the largest trading blocs in the world. The EU’s strength as both exporter and importer gives a powerful voice in international trade negotiations and in fora like the World Trade Organisation.

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Brexit, Legal Professional Privilege and the European Union

7 April 2017

The UK’s exit from the European Union will have ramifications for legal professional privilege across the continent, and especially for lawyers qualified in England and Wales.


Notification and negotiation: the mechanics of Article 50 and future mechanisms of dispute resolution between the UK and the EU

21 March 2017

Michael-James Clifton, Chef de Cabinet of the President of the EFTA Court, reflects on the practicalities of Article 50 and future mechanisms of dispute resolution between the EU and the UK.

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Commissioner Sir Julian King: The Challenges of Online Radicalisation

1 February 2017Updated: 2 February 2017

Sir Julian King, UK Commissioner for Security Union, reflects on the challenges of tackling online propoganda as a means of radicalisation.

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Looking back at the constitutional issues in the European Parliament in 2016

16 December 2016By

Danuta Hübner, Ph.D. Chair of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs in the European Parliament, Member of European Parliament discusses the constitutional issues considered by the Committee during 2016.

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European cooperation in the field of police and security

16 December 2016By

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat Chair of the London Assembly’s Transport Committee and member of the Police and Crime Committee reflects on the benefits of the EU in the field of policing and security.

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