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Brexit and services: unicorn-spotting is a popular sport, but nothing beats the single market

21 March 2018By

When the UK Prime Minister presented her vision for the “deepest and broadest” possible trade agreement with the EU earlier this month, she did not shy away from the single largest hurdle in the Brexit negotiations to come: services. Theresa May admitted that the UK is asking for far more than the EU has ever given to any other trading partner. in a viewpoint article for the UK Law Societies, Jude Kirton Darling MEP presents her views on the advantages of the EU single market over trade ...

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A Moratorium Movement

27 February 2018

Hands Off Cain (“HOC”) is an NGO founded in Brussels in 1993. It is a non-profit organisation, constituent member of the nonviolent and transnational Radical Party, recognised as a first-degree NGO by the UN Economic and Social Council.  HOC’s name is taken from Genesis, the first book of the bible, which includes the phrases “an eye for an eye” and also “And the Lord set a sign for Cain, lest any finding him should smite him”. Hands off Cain stands for justice without vengeance.

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Developments in legal aid for victims of domestic abuse in family law cases

22 February 2018By

It has been a long journey, and many would say that it is not over yet, but 8th January saw the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) publish the new regulations to improve and extend the criteria for evidence by which victims of domestic abuse can prove that they should be entitled to legal aid in private and family law cases.

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The CCBE Human Rights Award – Resisting barbarity

22 February 2018By

Ten years ago, the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe created its own Human Rights Award to celebrate those who, at the risk of their own lives or freedom, accept to undertake their mission of defence. The list of winners, who have since been granted the Award, not only demonstrates the magnitude of the challenges that still need to be addressed so that our children may live in a fairer and more prosperous world, but also the courage of those lawyers who work daily to ensure ...

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Prospects for trade policy in 2018

5 February 2018By

Pascal Kerneis, Managing Director of ESF (European Services Forum) discusses the prospects for trade policy in 2018.


"Participation in” vs. “having access to” the EU’s Internal Market

5 February 2018By

Georges Baur, Assistant Secretary-General of EFTA analyses the options for the UK’s future relationship with the EU.

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Following Brexit – Which arrangements for the future UK-EU relationship?

5 February 2018By

Sven Norberg, Senior Advisor at KREAB, Brussels discusses the options for a future UK-EU relationship. 


Gender & Equality: A view from the EWLA and review of their 16th Congress

5 December 2017By Katharina Miller, president of the European Women Lawyers Association

Katharina Miller, president of the European Women Lawyers Association gives an account of their 16th Congress which centred on the theme of diversity, in particular gender and equality.

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State aid law post-Brexit

3 November 2017By

The Brexit journey is underway and there will be plenty of twists in the tale ahead. After all, no country has ever left the EU before. The UK’s legal landscape post-Brexit could get quite a shake-up, with all laws derived from the European Union potentially being subject to change. One such candidate for consideration is the perhaps lesser known branch of competition law known as State aid.

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