• Putin and Russia must answer for war crimes in Ukraine

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Case Law Digest May 2022

In this edition of the Case Law Digest, we take a look at the recent decisions made from the Court of Justice of the European Union from April to May 2022. These cases cover the de-referencing of allegedly inaccurate content, approximation of laws, air transport and unfair terms in consumer ...


Finland and Sweden to join NATO

In a historic shift in their defence policies, Finland and Sweden will apply to join the NATO alliance, despite warnings from Russia. The accession of the two Nordic countries will expand the alliance’s mutual security pact at a crucial time. However, Turkey may present some hurdles along the way.


Lessons from the Ukrainian cyber front

Russia’s cyberattacks on Ukraine in the lead-up to its invasion should be a wake-up call for Europe. The EU must quickly adopt the revised Network and Information Security (NIS2) Directive and improve its operational readiness.


Ukraine: Is a chemical or biological attack likely?

Exploring key questions about chemical and biological weapons as, although large-scale use in Ukraine appears unlikely, concerns remain about targeted attacks. 


The ICC launches an investigation into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The International Criminal Court has now launched an investigation into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, neither Ukraine nor Russia are State Parties to the Court’s Treaty, calling into question the jurisdiction of the Court.

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