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    A gift-box with disappointing contents by Jonathan Goldsmith


    The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) – the Brexit free trade agreement, finalised just before Christmas 2020 – gives a shiny gift-box to lawyers. But, on opening it, we find that the size and wrapping have deceived us as to what is inside.

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    UK-EU FTA Negotiations: talks continue but progress is limited


    Despite initial timeframes earmarking October as the latest date by which a deal could be agreed, UK-EU negotiations are continuing with Christmas now almost upon us. The latest ‘deadline’ was Sunday 13 December, but both sides have agreed to continue talking, raising hope that a deal can still be reached ...

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    ‘Brexit Transition and the Rule of Law: An Uncertain New World?’ by Dr Oliver Garner


    On Monday 9 November, the UK House of Lords voted to remove certain provisions of the UK Internal Market Bill. These clauses would permit government Ministers to legislate in breach of the Withdrawal Agreement. A former Lord Chief Justice and a former Lord Chancellor condemned the ‘emergency clauses’ as a ...

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    Update on Brexit - October 2020


    As readers may well recall, it was previously hoped that the EU-UK Future Relationship Agreement could be agreed by the end of October in order to allow sufficient time for ratification ahead of the 1st January 2021. The European Council summit on the 15th October had been earmarked as the ...

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    Law Society of England and Wales publishes its guidance on the end of the transition period


    Law Society of England and Wales has published its guidance on the preparation for the end of the transition period.

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    Recognition and enforcement of judgments after Brexit: is Lugano a solution to hand?


    We discuss the importance of the recognition and enforcement of judgments in the new EU-UK partnership agreement. The Lugano Convention, like Brussels I Regulation for the EU countries, provides for the recognition and enforcement of a wide range of civil and commercial judgments between the EU and EFTA states. It ...

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    What do we want from the EU-UK negotiations


    The Law Societies have continued to call on negotiators from both sides to work towards a deal. While the draft legal texts published by both sides demonstrate a different approach to the negotiations, there are plenty of examples of shared aims or instances where the end goal is mirrored by ...

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    What are we doing to support members


    Against this backdrop, the Law Societies have been advising members that they must prepare for the significant changes which will kick in from the start of next year, both within their own businesses and for clients.

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    Irreconcilable differences? Key sticking points in the EU-UK negotiations


    We unpack some of the key sticking points in the EU-UK negotiations: the architecture of the agreement, level playing field, fisheries and cooperation in the field of criminal justice - and analyse their implications and impact on the negotiations dynamics.

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    What is an FTA and what it is not


    The currently negotiated EU-UK future partnership agreement (FPA) has not yet a determined scope or structure. The UK proposed a comprehensive free trade agreement (FTA) to govern the economic relationship between the two blocs. The EU proposed a more comprehensive agreement, with an FTA-style part to govern the economic relationship ...

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    6 months to go: Brexit and legal services


    With formal confirmation that the transitional period will not be extended under the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement, it now appears very likely that the future relationship with the EU will commence from the 1st January 2021. This decision immediately preceded the meeting between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European ...

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    UK Government publishes draft legal text for UK-EU free trade agreement


    The UK Government published on 19 May the draft legal text for the future relationship with the EU. As expected, it contains a number of significant differences from the EU draft legal text published at the end of February. The Brussels Office will continue to monitor the reaction, including during ...

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    Brexit and the challenge for international injury: how European private international law can help those seriously injured overseas


    As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate world news, it feels like Brexit has been kicked into the long grass. However, the pandemic will pass and, when it does, Brexit will still be a reality. As the pent-up demand for international travel is unleashed later this year, the rights of ...

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    Back to the Future with the UK – EU future agreement


    After three and a half years of negotiations on the Withdrawal Agreement and two extensions of the Article 50 process, the UK’s membership of the EU is now at an end.

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    Junior Lawyers and Brexit


    Matthew Allan, solicitor and legal commentator specialising in international litigation with Sherrards Solicitors LLP, as well as Junior Vice President of the Westminster & Holborn Law Society in London, discusses the impact of Brexit on junior lawyers practicing in the UK.  

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    Final call for UK nationals living in Belgium to register as EU citizens before 31st October


    With the 31st October now only less than a month away, the Law Society is urging those UK nationals living in Belgium who have not already done so to register as an EU citizens resident in Belgium. Regardless of the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, this will help lock in ...

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    Ministry of Justice publishes ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ for lawyers


    The UK government’s Brexit messaging has undergone quite a significant transformation in recent weeks. From stressing that while a no-deal Brexit might be possible, the government was still very much aiming for a withdrawal agreement to be in place at date of departure, the message is now unequivocal: the UK ...

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    Commission publishes no deal Brexit preparedness communication


    The Commission in its 6th Brexit preparedness communication highlighted its call on all stakeholders in the EU27 to prepare for a ‘no-deal’ scenario. With just under 8 weeks to go until the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union on 31 October 2019 and the uncertainty in the United Kingdom ...

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    Law Society of England and Wales' no deal guidance notes


    The documents highlight the changes in civil and commercial cooperation that will occur should the UK leave the EU on 31 October 2019 without having reached an agreement with the EU.

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    Law Society of England and Wales publishes its paper on the future EU-UK partnership


    Law Society of England and Wales published its paper on the future EU-UK partnership and the legal services sector. The paper summarises the current state of affairs in the legal services sector and outlines the impact of no deal on lawyers, law firms and the justice system. It concludes that ...