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    EU at the crossroads


    On 1 March, the Commission published its vision on the future of the European Union. Stretching over 23 pages, the document presents five scenarios for how the EU could evolve by 2025. 

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    The UK triggers Article 50: what to expect next?


    Ahead of the UK government’s triggering of Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union, the Joint Law Societies Brussels Office and Open Europe brought together prominent speakers from Britain, the EU27 and EFTA to discuss what to expect next, both for the EU and for the UK.

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    The Article 50 legal challenge: clarifying the UK's constitutional requirements to start Brexit


    On 24 January, the Supreme Court decided, by a majority of eight judges to three, that the Government can only trigger Article 50 – the process by which the UK can leave the EU – after an Act of Parliament has been passed. Nothing less will do. 

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    Brexit white paper sends positive signals to legal sector


    The government’s plans for the forthcoming Brexit negotiations contain positive signals for the legal sector, the Law Society of England and Wales said today.

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    UK businesses and families need legal certainty from Brexit negotiations


    Maintaining mutual recognition and enforcement of judgments will help keep the wheels of business turning during and after Brexit, said Law Society of England and Wales president, Robert Bourns, ahead of his appearance before the House of Commons justice select committee.

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    Update on the Law Societies' activities with regard to Brexit


    We have been very busy with our activities on Brexit. Below, we present the main achievements of the three law societies in recent months.

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    New surveillance laws in France and the implications for civil liberties and basic procedural safeguards


    Dr Nathalie Moreno, Partner at Lewis Silkin, shares her comments on the current developments in relation to surveillance laws in France. The article is part of her contribution to the Law Societies’ Brussels Office panel on mass surveillance during the Computers, Privacy and Data Protection conference on 27 January.

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    Road to Brexit outlined in new bill


    The introduction of the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill today begins the legislative process of the UK’s exit from the European Union. It follows this week’s Supreme Court decision that put the triggering of Article 50 in the hands of Parliament, the Law Society of England and Wales said.

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    Article 50 judgment clarifies legal process for Brexit


    Today’s decision by the Supreme Court finally clarifies how Article 50 can be triggered, which will start the process resulting in the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, the Law Society of England and Wales said today.

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    Brexit and the law


    Since the EU referendum result, the Law Society of England and Wales has been gathering our members’ views on the impact that leaving the EU could have on both their clients and their businesses.

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    May's Brexit plan is unveiled


    After nearly seven months of giving little away on the issue since the UK’s shock vote to leave the EU, on 17 January, Prime Minister Theresa May unveiled the UK government’s negotiation position for its upcoming talks on its withdrawal from the EU.

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    Law Society CEO joins London Mayor's Brexit advisory group


    Law Society of England and Wales chief executive Catherine Dixon today said she was honoured to be part of London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s Brexit Expert Advisory Group.

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    Looking back at the constitutional issues in the European Parliament in 2016


    Danuta Hübner, Ph.D. Chair of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs in the European Parliament, Member of European Parliament discusses the constitutional issues considered by the Committee during 2016.

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    Calais - The end of the jungle


    The EU stalls on plans to reform asylum law, French authorities steam ahead with the destruction of the “Jungle”.

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    European cooperation in the field of police and security


    Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat Chair of the London Assembly’s Transport Committee and member of the Police and Crime Committee reflects on the benefits of the EU in the field of policing and security.

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    The Law Society of Northern Ireland meeting with the Government of Northern Ireland in relation to Brexit concerns


    Law Society of Northern Ireland (”LSNI”) President John Guerin and Chief Executive Alan Hunter recently met with Lord Dunlop, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State to James Brokenshire MP, Secretary of State of State for Northern Ireland, to discuss the implications of Brexit for the legal community in Northern Ireland. 

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    UK opts-in to Europol - for now...


    The UK government has decided to opt-in to a new regulation on Europol, meaning that the country will remain part of the European law enforcement agency after May 2017.

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    Confirming the 2017 EU Budget


    On 17 November 2016 the Council and European Parliament reached an agreement on the 2017 EU budget which strongly reflects the EU’s main policy priorities. Total commitments are set at €157.88 billion and payments at €134.49 billion.

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    Frans Timmermans presents the European Commission’s 2017 Work Programme


    The European Commission’s 2017 Work Programme was presented by its First Vice-President Frans Timmermans on Tuesday 25 October 2016.

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    Update from Westminster – No ‘running commentary’


    Whilst Theresa May has stated that a ‘running commentary’ on the Brexit negotiations will not be provided, there have been several updates from Westminster regarding the UK’s proposed withdrawal from the EU.