The UK delegation to the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) published its paper on UK lawyers and their practice rights in the EU in the context of Brexit.

The paper describes the current state of play regarding lawyers’ practice rights under the Draft Withdrawal Agreement (DWA) and clarifies understanding of the acquired rights as set out in the draft withdrawal agreement as they apply to lawyers. 

It does not deal with any rights that may yet be negotiated as part of the Future Partnership Agreement (FPA) for the post-transition period. Any comments that are made relate to a situation where there are no provisions on legal services in the FPA (or not FPA is concluded) and where UK practitioners would be considered as third country lawyers. The latter may arise due to the UK and EU not concluding the Withdrawal Agreement (“no deal” scenario), or after the expiration of the transition period in a situation where the parties have not concluded any new agreement on legal services.

The CCBE UK delegation includes representatives from The Law Society of England and Wales, The Law Society of Scotland, The Law Society of Northern Ireland, The Bar Council of England and Wales, the Faculty of Advocates and The Bar of Northern Ireland.