When planning this Brussels Agenda earlier in the year, we could not have known what the outcome of the UK referendum on the question of whether or not to remain in the European Union would be. We therefore planned an edition to focus on the Digital Single Market (DSM) which is one of the current priorities for the Commission.

Indeed this edition still focuses on the DSM and we are fortunate enough to have an interesting and insightful article from Commissioner Ansip who writes about several of the recent initiatives proposed by the Commission. However, given the recent result of the UK referendum on EU membership, it would be remiss not to include a special section this month focusing on the result, the now well known Article 50 TFEU and some implications and/ or effects that any ‘Brexit’ may have on some areas of EU legislation in the UK. We also take a look at some of the key players involved in the exit negotiations.

Here in Brussels we will be monitoring these developments as they happen and will endeavour to keep you updated through the ‘Brexit’ negotiations. Our Head of Office Mickaël Laurans explains what we will be doing in the coming months to assist our members with the implications of Brexit.

As you can imagine it has been a busy month here in Brussels, but in the spirit of ‘business as usual’ we also present in this edition our usual updates on professional practice areas, law reform and news from the three Law Societies.