Whilst we lamented a quiet August in the capital during our last issue, we cannot make the same complaint about September!

With a multitude of speeches, meetings and events to listen to and attend, the Law Society has been abuzz with discussion of new developments. Regulatory proposals tackling a breadth of topics from social media to investment have been put on the table and we have devoted a number of articles to considering these evolving matters.

We are also able to share with you the Brexit implications on these topics by way of Miriam Gonzalez’s and Ayla Skene’s viewpoints on regulation and State aid respectively, along with our updates in the Law Reform.

The October issue of the Brussels Agenda wouldn’t be complete without a status update of the Brexit negotiations; we bring you a summary of the current position along with a keynote speech of the Law Society of Northern Ireland’s Annual Council Dinner presented by President Ian Huddleston, which tackles the sensitive topic of the role of lawyers and civic leaders in the current Brexit climate.

With the change of the seasons we have also seen a change of personnel at the Joint Brussels office of the Law Societies as we said “slán” to our intern, Peter Boyle.