On 25 September, together with European Company Lawyers Association (ECLA), we will hold a webinar on Brexit and legal certainty. We will discuss the implications of Brexit / end of transition period for businesses and organisations in different areas of law.

While the future relationship may be regulated by a free trade agreement (FTA), which covers goods and services, there are other important areas of cooperation which would need separate agreements. This is in particular the case of the recognition and enforcement of judgments and cross-border transfers of personal data. These are not covered in FTAs. For enforcement of judgments there is the EU – EFTA Lugano Convention and for data, the EU can adopt an adequacy decision.

The questions to be dealt with in this webinar are:

  • How does enforcement of judgments support the business activities?
  • How are inhouse lawyers facing the uncertainty of the continuation of the European mechanism?
  • What are the basic issues surrounding data exchange?
  • Is a no deal inevitable? How do these discussions tie with the broader FTA discussions, is there a link or should there be a link?
  • What are the preparations of a no deal Brexit in enforcement of judgments and exchange of data? Are there ways to mitigate the consequences?

More details will come soon!