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    Putin and Russia must answer for war crimes in Ukraine


    Human life has little to no value to Russian President Vladimir Putin and his cronies. The widespread war crimes and crimes against humanity that continue to be perpetrated by Russian forces in Ukraine are a testament to this. Those responsible, including Putin himself, must be held to account, no matter ...

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    What do we want from the EU-UK negotiations


    The Law Societies have continued to call on negotiators from both sides to work towards a deal. While the draft legal texts published by both sides demonstrate a different approach to the negotiations, there are plenty of examples of shared aims or instances where the end goal is mirrored by ...

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    What are we doing to support members


    Against this backdrop, the Law Societies have been advising members that they must prepare for the significant changes which will kick in from the start of next year, both within their own businesses and for clients.

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    Irreconcilable differences? Key sticking points in the EU-UK negotiations


    We unpack some of the key sticking points in the EU-UK negotiations: the architecture of the agreement, level playing field, fisheries and cooperation in the field of criminal justice - and analyse their implications and impact on the negotiations dynamics.

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    What is an FTA and what it is not


    The currently negotiated EU-UK future partnership agreement (FPA) has not yet a determined scope or structure. The UK proposed a comprehensive free trade agreement (FTA) to govern the economic relationship between the two blocs. The EU proposed a more comprehensive agreement, with an FTA-style part to govern the economic relationship ...

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    Brexit: where to next for the UK & EU?


    Over 1,000 days have passed since the polls closed in the EU referendum, and the last several months in UK politics have seen a stark rise in political tension as MPs continue to debate the final shape that Brexit should take. Developments in the UK have been closely monitored by ...

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    No more non-market economy status? Commission proposes new rules on anti-dumping and anti-subsidy


    The European Commission has proposed two sets of amendments to the basic anti-dumping and anti-subsidy Regulations, 2016/1036 and 2016/1037.  The proposals are designed for different purposes but both will, if passed into law, result in significant changes to the operation of trade remedies in the EU.  

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    Brexit and access to justice for victims of domestic abuse: A practical example in support of an agreement


    In this article Suzanne Rice, President of the Law Society of Northern Ireland, discusses the potential impact a disorderly Brexit will have on vulnerable groups, such as victims of domestic violence. For people such as these, if a disorderly Brexit occurs, the protection from its effects could be defined by ...

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    Migration in the UK post-Brexit


    With six months to go until the UK leaves the EU, the Government is yet to give a firm indication of what migration arrangements will be implemented post-Brexit. Migration was a defining issue in the UK’s June 2016 referendum on EU membership, which divided many and still continues to do ...

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    Is Europe failing migrant children in their access to justice?


    Upon arrival to the EU, migrant children face systematic barriers to their right to access justice.

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    European Commission looks to modernise civil justice cooperation


    On 31 May 2018, the European Commission released a statement outlining its proposals to modernise and digitalise EU civil judicial cooperation for cross-border civil and commercial cases in the EU, and in particular the service of documents. 

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    e-Evidence Initiative published by European Commission


    The European Commission have published an e-Evidence Initiative, which was devised with the intention of creating a new framework for EU Member States to access e-evidence, consisting of content data and metadata, across borders. 

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    App that saves phone data aims to help victims of crime


    An app has been launched which automatically saves various data, including texts and phone calls, irrespective of whether they are subsequently deleted from the phone. The app is able to present this data in a way that can be used both by law enforcement agencies and as certified evidence in ...

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    Brexit: options for a future UK-EU dispute settlement mechanism


    The Law Society of England and Wales has published a paper which outlines its views on the building blocks necessary for having a fair, transparent and accessible mechanism for the resolution of disputes between the EU and the UK after the UK leaves the EU.

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    Council of the EU reaches agreement on tax intermediaries


    On 13 March, the EU Council reached agreement on a proposal aimed at boosting transparency in order to tackle aggressive cross-border tax planning. The proposal would require intermediaries such as tax advisors, accountants and lawyers that design and/or promote tax planning schemes to report schemes that are considered potentially aggressive. ...

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    Council of the EU - Corporate tax avoidance: Agreement reached on tax intermediaries


    On 13 March, the EU Council reached agreement on a proposal aimed at boosting transparency in order to tackle aggressive cross-border tax planning. The proposal would require intermediaries such as tax advisors, accountants and lawyers that design and/or promote tax planning schemes to report schemes that are considered ...

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    The Introduction of the TAXE3 Committee by Molly Scott Cato


    The TAXE3 committee has been set up to investigate financial crimes, tax evasion and tax avoidance in the wake of Luxleaks, the Panama Papers and the Paradise papers. It is the fourth such committee and demonstrates the European Parliament’s determination to act against financial malfeasance by the rich ...

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    European Commission cracks down on UK tax rules


    The UK’s tax rules in relation to controlled foreign companies ( CFC s) have suffered a set-back following the European Commission’s recent preliminary decision that certain parts of the rules amount to unlawful state aid.

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    Trainee Solicitors and EU Law


    For some UK-based trainee solicitors, EU law remains a distant memory of a module from law school. For others it is a thriving and diverse seat option, which offers tangible examples of competition law and something a bit different to everyday legal work. Trainees currently entering the market are arriving ...

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    Who is in v who is out? And what are their rights?


    Free movement of people - alongside free movement of goods, services and capital - is one of the four founding principles of the European Union. It gives all citizens of EU countries the right to travel, live and work wherever they wish within the EU. In certain circumstances individuals have ...