Against this backdrop, the Law Societies have been advising members that they must prepare for the significant changes which will kick in from the start of next year, both within their own businesses and for clients.

Such action must reflect the state of the negotiations, where it appears that even if an agreement is reached, the provisions for UK services providers will be limited. The Law Societies have produced guides for solicitors practising and law firms operating in each of the 31 EU/EFTA jurisdictions to further support members in these preparations – to request the research in particular EU/EFTA jurisdictions please email .

As the outcome of the negotiations looks clearer, the Law Societies will be updating their guidance in key practice areas which will sit alongside a series of webinars, podcasts and events providing insights and advice on a number of cross cutting themes.

The Law Societies continue to work with bars and law societies across the EU and EFTA states in an effort to further advise and support members as we enter the future relationship. Despite the Covid-related disruption, the Law Societies have continued to hold (virtual) bilateral meetings with its counterparts in EU member states, to raise concerns around its members’ practising rights post-Brexit, seek opportunities to work together to address them and continue to update its guidance.