In April/ May this year, the Law Society of Scotland carried out a survey of their In-house members in relation to their views and thoughts on the EU Referendum.

A selection of those responses include:


  • ‘Freedom of movement of trade and people within the EU is a great bonus for in-house lawyers.’
  • ‘The EU has been a source of a huge amount of positive labour legislation, consumer protection and sector specific rules in my sector (financial services). Being part of a wider group provides opportunities, influence and relative stability.’
  • ‘My employer only exists because of the barrier-free EU.’
  • ‘The EU has been the driving force for equality legislation.’


  • ‘The laws which emanate from the EU have a stifling effect (through overly prescriptive regulation) on my organisation which is an SME.’
  • ‘My perception is that the EU creates lots of ‘red tape’.’
  • ‘Employment, data protection and procurement are highly lucrative areas for some lawyers, but as an in-house lawyer, for my client, these areas of European law are very complex and expensive to negotiate.’
  • ‘We are over regulated and over represented.’

For the results of the survey of in-house members on how the EU impacts them and the organisations they work for.