Helena Raulus is the Head of the Joint UK Law Societies Office in Brussels. She is an expert on EU legislative processes and institutional frameworks.

Before joining the Law Societies’ Office, Helena Raulus was an Assistant Professor in European Union Law at the Rotterdam School of Law. She graduated with an Honours degree in Law (LLB), and later a PhD in European Law from the University of Aberdeen.

Helena Raulus’ PhD thesis focused on the Europeanisation of the Brussels Convention on recognition and enforcement of judgments. Following her PhD, she worked particularly on mutual trust / mutual recognition principles and their operation in the European Union Area of Freedom, Security and Justice acquis.

In the UK Law Societies’ Brussels Office, Helena Raulus leads the policy development of various Brexit related issues. She has been focusing particularly on cross-border litigation issues, including recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil law, commercial law, family law, criminal justice cooperation and provision of legal services.

Helena Raulus is often invited to speak at conferences and seminars about Brexit and legal issues and she has regularly written about these issues on various professional and other legal publications.

Helena Raulus is the EU Committee Chair and a Board member at the British Chamber of Commerce, Belgium. She is also active in various groups in Brussels which are working on the implications of the UK’s exit from the EU, such as the Brussels Based UK Organisations (BBUKOO, where she chairs the Legal Issues Task Force.

Helena can be reached by email.