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    UK All-Party Parliamentary Group launches first ever report on Brexit on legal services


    On 22 October, the APPG on Legal and Constitutional Affairs launched its first ever report into the effect of Brexit on legal services at an event in Parliament. The Law Society supports the work of the APPG on Legal and Constitutional Affairs and acts as the group’s secretariat. The ...

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    Indirect discrimination in access to justice: European outlook


    On the 20th November 2018, the European Women’s Lawyers Association (EWLA) and the UK Law Societies, Brussels Office held a day conference on the subject of indirect discrimination in access to justice. The event was made up of two sessions, the first from 9am – 11am with a short break ...

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    UK government publishes Draft Withdrawal Agreement


    Yesterday, the UK Government published the Draft Withdrawal Agreement (DWA). Law Society of England and Wales prepared a brief overview of the key provisions and what they mean for the profession.

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    Law Society of England and Wales publishes its synopsis of the new solicitor exam


    Law Society of England and Wales publishes its synopsis of the new Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE). The document outlines what is currently known about the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) plans for the SQE. It may assist aspiring solicitors (also foreign-qualified), employers, providers of legal education and other organisations offering training ...

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    20 years of the Human Rights Act


    The Law Society of Scotland’s Constitutional Law Sub-Committee responded to the UK Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights inquiry on 20 years of the Human Rights Act 1998 (the Act).

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    Sustaining fisheries for future generations


    The Law Society of Scotland’s Marine Law Sub-Committee responded to the UK Government’s White Paper on a future approach to fisheries management. 

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    Law Society of Scotland submits response to to the UK Government’s White Paper


    The Law Society of Scotland’s Constitutional Law Sub-Committee responded to the UK Government’s White Paper on Legislating for the Withdrawal Agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

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    'The Next Mandate – An EU in flux' by Wes Himes


    This time next year there will be a new European Parliament (EP), a new relationship with the UK and a new Commission. The impact of these events will be felt far beyond the key dates themselves (May 23-26, March 29 and October respectively) as the rolling landscape of elections and ...

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    Law Societies Brussels Office launches its Brexit case law tracker


    The Law Societies Brussels Office has launched its Brexit case law tracker which will feature the latest cases which relate to Brexit from around Europe (CJEU and national courts).

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    Declaration on legal services provision in the future partnership agreement between the EU and the UK


    The UK delegation to the CCBE published its declaration on legal services provision in the future partnership agreement between the EU and the UK.

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    Putting a stop to mass surveillance


    The case of Big Brother Watch and others v United Kingdom brought in 2013 has finally reached its conclusion. On the 13 September 2018, the European Court of Human Rights made its landmark judgement, finding that the UK’s mass surveillance regime has violated the European Convention on Human Rights. ...

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    EU Electoral Law: change is afoot as Council adopts amendments to 1976 Act


    The Council has adopted new rules in relation to European Parliament elections, following consent from the Parliament in July after over two years of negotiations. The new measures aim to enhance participation in the elections, increase transparency in the process and prevent irregular voting.

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    Brexit case law tracker


    You can find the latest and the most interesting and relevant cases related to Brexit in the European Courts in this section. We will keep it updated and feature it in our newsletter.

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    'The quest for strong leadership' by Andrew Duff


    Cross-party intergroups are a regular and redeeming feature of the European Parliament. They allow MEPs to step aside from their normal committee work and to loosen partisan ties in discussion with colleagues from across the House who share a special interest and expertise. 

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    UK Law Societies’ Brussels Office and European Policy Centre hold “Data Protection and Brexit: The Winds of Change” Event


    The UK Law Societies’ Brussels Office and the European Policy Centre held a breakfast event on 25 September 2018 to discuss the possible effects of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU on data protection. It was attended by approximately 90 participants, from a variety of industries and from all around ...

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    Brexit: after Salzburg must come deal?


    In the run up to the informal Salzburg summit, some in the British press predicted that there would be a breakthrough in Brexit negotiations this September. This followed, they claimed, from a significant increase in the tempo of negotiations, spurred on by the arrival of Dominic Raab as the UK’s ...

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    Brexit: busy summer ahead of the October Council


    The summer months of July and August saw Brexit regularly dominate headlines in the UK press. Newly-appointed Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, Dominic Raab, making several trips to Brussels for talks with the EU’s Chief Brexit Negotiator, Michel Barnier.

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    Proposal for European Production and Preservation orders for electronic evidence in criminal matters: good try but could do better


    The recent Commission’s proposal for a Regulation to introduce a European Production Order and a European Preservation Order for electronic evidence appears to be well intentioned, but maybe not well thought out.

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    September case law digest


    Advocate General Opinion Nationality C-221/17 M.G. Tjebbes and Others v Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken Opinion delivered 12 July 2018 by Advocate General Paolo Mengozzi Case C-221/17 concerned a number of Netherlands citizens whose applications for renewal of their passports were refused as they possessed a ...

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    'Dublin: too much politics, not enough law-making?' by Tom Freely


    The talk of the EU’s so-called migration crisis has been constant for the last three years and migration has been high on the agenda at almost every recent European Council meeting.