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    Joint oral statements before the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture


    Within the framework of the 37 th session of the UN Human Rights Council, the Law Society of England and Wales joined two oral statements before the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture.

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    Turkey’s Coup and the European Court of Human Rights


    On 5 th March 2018, the Law Society of England and Wales co-sponsored a conference in Berlin on the approach taken by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) in relation to cases emerging from Turkey since the attempted coup in July 2016.

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    Don’t let Brexit jeopardise UK’s valuable services sector


    Professional services accounted for approximately 7.8% of UK GDP in 2016 – the latest figures – yet the EU trade deal with Canada (The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement ( CETA )), widely touted as the model for the UK post Brexit, does not provide a comprehensive framework for ...

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    Brexit and services: unicorn-spotting is a popular sport, but nothing beats the single market


    When the UK Prime Minister presented her vision for the “deepest and broadest” possible trade agreement with the EU earlier this month, she did not shy away from the single largest hurdle in the Brexit negotiations to come: services. Theresa May admitted that the UK is asking for far more ...

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    February case law digest


    An overview of the most important cases and references for preliminary ruling to the Court of Justice of the EU.

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    LGBT History Month


    Law Society of England and Wales has been very active recently for LGBT History Month: Our rainbow flag has been flying on the front of the building and will be there until the end of the month ‘Stumbling on the same stone’ - Opinion piece in the ...

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    Is big data our friend or foe?


    In January our office hosted a panel at the 11 th Annual Computers, Privacy and Data Protection Conference entitled ‘Big Data: Friend or Foe for Consumers and Competition Policy?’.

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    Updates from the Law Society of Northern Ireland


    The LSNI launches its new GDPR training programme ‘ Ready Steady GDPR - The Complete “How To” Guide to getting GDPR ready’

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    Bulgarian Presidency Priorities


    On 2 February 2018 our office attended the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU Breakfast Update hosted by the ALDE Party. The meeting contained short speeches and a question and answer section with Bulgarian MEPs Ilhan Kyuckyuk and Iskra Mihaylova. They provided an insight into the challenges facing ...

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    Brexit Update


    The drama and excitement of the last-minute EU-UK agreement on Phase 1 of Brexit talks in December last gave way to a period of relative calm in Brussels for the EU’s Brexit negotiators in early 2018

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    Institutional Ideas from the President


    On 14 February 2018 Jean-Claude Juncker gave a press conference providing his vision for future institutional issues in the European Union. In his introductory speech he called for the continuation of the ‘Lead Candidate’ Process, known widely in Brussels in its German form ‘ Spitzenkandidaten ’. Under this process, each ...

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    Online shopping just got better!


    MEPs have voted in favour of ending geo-blocking and country redirects by the end of 2018. On 6 February MEPs adopted a regulation to end geo-blocking, obliging retailers to give people access to goods and services on the same terms all over the EU, regardless of where they are connecting ...

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    A Moratorium Movement


    Hands Off Cain (“HOC”) is an NGO founded in Brussels in 1993. It is a non-profit organisation, constituent member of the nonviolent and transnational Radical Party, recognised as a first-degree NGO by the UN Economic and Social Council. HOC’s name is taken from Genesis, the first book of the ...

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    Legal charity wins silver in European Association Awards


    The Lawscot Foundation won the silver award in the ‘Most Innovative Development by an Association’ category in the 2018 European Association Awards, Friday 23 February. 

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    A glimpse at future EU Consumer Policy


    The EU is making a concerted effort to drive international standards for consumer protection. If it succeeds, it will widen the market for exports and imports. The driver in the background for this initiative is inherently pollical, following recent scandals involving the diesel industry, Ryanair and the debate which surrounds ...

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    Ready, Steady, GDPR - Law Society of Northern Ireland's training programme


    The Law Society of Northern Ireland is participating in the official EU ‘TRADATA project’ and partnered with 8 other EU countries to provide comprehensive training on Data Protection Reform (GDPR). As part of the project the Society has organised a GDPR Conference which will take place on 13 April 2018 ...

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    European Parliament votes to launch TAXE 3 Committee of Inquiry


    On 8 February, the European Parliament’s Conference of Presidents voted to launch another inquiry into financial crime, tax evasion and tax avoidance. This follows the investigations of the TAXE 1 and 2 committees, which were founded to examine the consequences of the “LuxLeaks” papers in 2014, and the PANA committee ...

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    A New Year Celebration


    On 31 January 2018 our office co-hosted a New Year reception with our office partners, (the German Federal Bar, Czech Bar, Austrian Bar, Luxembourgish Bar and French-German speaking Belgian Bar) where we welcomed officeholders and colleagues from a variety of organisations and institutions, including the three UK Law Societies (England ...

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    Developments in legal aid for victims of domestic abuse in family law cases


    It has been a long journey, and many would say that it is not over yet, but 8 th January saw the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) publish the new regulations to improve and extend the criteria for evidence by which victims of domestic abuse can prove that they should ...