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    Caitlin Allan, Plexus Law


    One of our trainee secondees Caitlin Allan answers some questions about how she secured the secondment and her experiences in Brussels over the past few months. 

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    Tamasin Dorosti, Boyes Turner


    One of our trainee secondees Tamasin Dorosti answers some questions about how she secured the secondment and her experiences in Brussels over the past few months. 

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    Law Society of England and Wales in bid to intervene in landmark privilege case


    Permission to intervene in an appeal concerning the rights of the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) to have access to client-lawyer communications was today being sought by the Law Society of England and Wales.

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    Exciting Opportunity in Brussels for trainee solicitors!


    The Brussels Office of the UK Law Societies is accepting applications for trainee solicitors to be seconded to the office for six months commencing in March 2018. 

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    Healthcare in Scotland needs consideration as part of Brexit negotiations


    The Law Society of Scotland has said that healthcare needs in Scotland should be considered alongside those of the UK as a whole, as part of ongoing Brexit negotiations.

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    State aid law post-Brexit


    The Brexit journey is underway and there will be plenty of twists in the tale ahead. After all, no country has ever left the EU before. The UK’s legal landscape post-Brexit could get quite a shake-up, with all laws derived from the European Union potentially being subject to change. One ...

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    Brexit is about regulation


    The British Prime Minister’ s speech in Florence was aimed at rebuilding bridges with the European Union after three unsuccessful Brexit negotiating rounds, while at the same time trying to unite her deeply divided cabinet. Theresa May called for a transitional period; made a concrete financial offer; softened her ...

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    GDPR – Plan, don’t panic


    Tim Musson, Convener of the Law Society of Scotland’s Privacy Law Committee, explains why the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is all-important for law firms.

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    I have arrived in Brussels!


    Tamasin Dorosti, trainee solicitor on secondment to the Brussels Office shares experiences of her first month in the capital. 

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    Criticism towards EU proposals on transparency rules for tax intermediaries


    In June 2017, the European Commission published a proposal for new transparency rules for intermediaries that design or sell potentially harmful tax schemes. The proposed rules come at a time of heightened EU activity in the area of tax and transparency, with public support growing in Europe for actions taken ...

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    Brexit adds to local uncertainty – A plea for engagement


    The President of the Law Society of Northern Ireland, Ian Huddleston has said that: “Brexit in whatever form it ultimately takes, is likely to be a further disruptor, at least in the short term and as a result will make life messier not just for the legal profession, but for ...

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    Shining a light on the dark side of the Internet: the spread of fake news and legal responses


    On 6 September Tamasin Dorosti, one of the trainee solicitors on secondment at our office and Peter Boyle, our intern attended the European Parliament for two separate events on “fake news”. They have provided a combined analysis of both events and whilst each consisted of a different panel they both ...

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    Commission proposes oversight of foreign investment in the EU


    Within Jean-Claude Juncker’s state of the union speech on 13 September, the President of the European Commission announced the creation of a new EU framework for foreign investment screening.

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    New Council representation for international Scottish solicitors and solicitor advocates


    Two brand new seats on the Law Society of Scotland Council have been filled by a Scottish solicitor working in Brussels and a solicitor advocate based in Fife.The addition of the new co-opted seats was approved at the Society’s AGM in May of this year, with the aim of better ...

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    Transitional deal will help ease shock of Brexit


    News the UK Government is to push for a transitional deal for the two years after Britain leaves the EU was today welcomed by the Law Society of England and Wales.

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    Frictionless trade


    The term “frictionless trade” is familiar to many by now, thanks in part to government ministers, officals, and the EU Commission, all of whom have been repeating the phrase in speeches and press releases on Brexit over the past few months.

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    The Multilateral Investment Court: a plausible attempt at reform, or cosmetic changes only?


    Since 2015, the European Commission has worked on the establishment of a Multilateral Investment Court which would have a permanent international body with the power to settle investment disputes between investors and states. This would replace in whole or part the current system of Investor State Dispute Settlement (“ISDS”) found ...

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    Chlorinated Chicken: Crying foul over a UK-US trade deal?


    Chlorine washed chicken is back in the news; as the UK casts around to find trade partners to replace the EU post-Brexit, some commentators are expressing doubts that the UK would be able to retain the same degree of consumer protection vis a vis foreign imports, when no longer ...

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    A few words from Graham Matthews, President of the Law Society of Scotland


    In this month’s viewpoint, the current President of the Law Society of Scotland, Graham Matthews, shares his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities facing the professions during his term.

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    The First Annual Joint Review of the EU-US Privacy Shield


    The EU-US Privacy Shield is an agreement which allows for the transfer of personal data between the EU and US. These transfers of data can occur when you buy goods or services online, use social media, cloud storage or in the case of employees of an EU-based company that uses ...