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    Chlorinated Chicken: Crying foul over a UK-US trade deal?


    Chlorine washed chicken is back in the news; as the UK casts around to find trade partners to replace the EU post-Brexit, some commentators are expressing doubts that the UK would be able to retain the same degree of consumer protection vis a vis foreign imports, when no longer ...

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    A few words from Graham Matthews, President of the Law Society of Scotland


    In this month’s viewpoint, the current President of the Law Society of Scotland, Graham Matthews, shares his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities facing the professions during his term.

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    The First Annual Joint Review of the EU-US Privacy Shield


    The EU-US Privacy Shield is an agreement which allows for the transfer of personal data between the EU and US. These transfers of data can occur when you buy goods or services online, use social media, cloud storage or in the case of employees of an EU-based company that uses ...

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    Criminal justice co-operation vital post-Brexit


    Responding to the release of the government’s paper on criminal justice and security co-operation following Brexit, Law Society of England and Wales vice president Christina Blacklaws said:

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    Statement of intent on new UK data protection laws published


    In a 30 page statement of intent , the Government set out its plans for a new data protection bill, which is yet to be introduced to Parliament. The planned legislation is set to follow the General Data Protection Regulation , which comes into effect on 25 May 2018, when ...

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    EU Withdrawal Bill risks legislative competence of Scottish Parliament


    The Law Society of Scotland has raised a series of concerns in advance of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill’s second reading at Westminster on Thursday, 7 September.

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    Law Society of Scotland urges that rule of law and litigants be put at heart of Brexit talks on CJEU


    The Law Society of Scotland has said that it will be critically important for the UK Government and EU Commission to consider the needs of litigants with cases going before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) prior to Brexit.

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    Civil justice cooperation vital to post-Brexit relationship


    The release of the government’s proposals for civil justice cooperation with the EU post-Brexit is a step in the right direction, the Law Society of England and Wales said today.

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    Brexit and Devolution - Unchartered Territory


    Sajjad Karim MEP shares his views on the upcoming challenges with regard to Brexit and devolution.

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    Transparency in the EU FTAs: do you really want to know?


    The high level of openness adopted in both the Brexit and TTIP negotiations show that the European Union (EU) takes transparency in its external relations seriously. Arguably, transparency constitutes a necessary pre-requisite for the proper deployment of the multi-level system of governance of the Union. 

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    Japan-EU FTA; Ambitious, but work still to do.


    Had the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) gone ahead, it would have built on earlier multi-lateral agreements in the area to create a free trade area circling the Pacific Rim. 

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    UK Withdrawal Negotiations: State of Play and the Position Papers


    Although Article 50 was officially triggered on the 29 th of March, four months on, the withdrawal arrangements envisioned by that Article remain elusive. 

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    Brexit & Devolution - Unchartered Territory


    The Brexit result last year came as a shock to a great many people, with the result broadly expected to go in favour of Remain. The legal implications raised reach far and wide, but the reality is that nobody knows exactly how the next few years are going to play ...

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    Brexit bill: People's rights must be placed centre stage


    Today the UK government fired the starting gun on the biggest change to our legal system for more than 40 years - the unravelling of our relationship with the European Union. The Law Society of England and Wales and solicitor profession will work tirelessly with all parties to ensure people’s ...

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    Virtual Competition

    E-commerce has brought us all closer to the promised land of competition – where ample choice, better quality and lower prices reside. Our online environment is seemingly delivering constant waves of innovation and competitive pressure. It has led to reduced barriers to entry, increased market access, increased market transparency and ...

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    Trade in a digital world: data need to fly


    The Internet has profoundly changed trade and global value chains and enabled start-ups and small businesses to access any market around the world. The Internet has profoundly changed trade and global value chains and enabled start-ups and small businesses to access any market around the world.

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    What is new with geoblocking?


    Geoblocking consists of geolocation technology, using a user’s IP address to identify where they live and where the request is coming from. When a website blocks you from accessing the website based on your location (blocking access across borders) this is what geoblocking contains.

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    Legal aid lawyers reminded they can refuse work that's uneconomical


    Legal aid solicitors specialising in criminal law are being reminded by The Law Society of England and Wales that they are able to exercise discretion when accepting cases if the work threatens the viability of their firm.

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    The Audiovisual Media Services Directive: A clash of interests?


    On April 25 th , the CULT (Culture and Education) committee adopted a report on the regulation of audio-visual media services (AVMS), which will form the basis of the trilogue between the Parliament, Commission and Council. However, both the content and the manner in which the report was adopted have ...

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    Solicitor advocates and ‘international’ members wanted for Law Society of Scotland Council


    Scottish solicitors based outside Great Britain will be invited to nominate themselves as Law Society of Scotland Council members before noon on 30 August.