On 31 January 2018 our office co-hosted a New Year reception with our office partners, (the German Federal Bar, Czech Bar, Austrian Bar, Luxembourgish Bar and French-German speaking Belgian Bar) where we welcomed officeholders and colleagues from a variety of organisations and institutions, including the three UK Law Societies (England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). This celebrated a series of stakeholder meetings which our colleagues hosted with MEPs, Commissioners, British Chamber of Commerce, the Bulgarian Permanent Representation and the Northern Ireland and Scottish Executives.

To open the reception, we were privileged to have Mr Hubert Gambs from the Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs Directorate – General (DG Grow) give the keynote speech. The Digital Single Market is an initiative followed closely by our office so it was poignant to have Mr Gambs who is the Director for the Modernisation of the Single Market present. He specifically emphasised how digital transformation can enrich the relationship between the citizen, the client, the business and the lawyer and the relevance of the Digital Single Market strategy to the legal profession.

We were pleased to welcome such a large number of guests from around the EU and have the opportunity to wish them a prosperous 2018.