The recast of the Brussels IIa recast Regulation has finally been completed and the new rules will come into force in three years time, giving Member States ample time to prepare for the changes.

The main objectives of the revision is to improve the current legal rules that protect children in cases of cross-border parental responsibility disputes, such as those related to custody, access rights and child abduction. The procedures have been made faster and less complicated, with clear deadlines for action and total abolition of the exequatur; they have also been made more child-centric, with an obligation to give the child a genuine and effective opportunity to express his/her views.

Council press release

Council regulation on jurisdiction, the recognition and enforcement of decisions in matrimonial matters and the matters of parental responsibility, and on international child abduction (recast) - Final text

Opinion of the European Parliament on the Brussels IIa regulation - 18 January 2018

Resolution of the European Parliament on the Brussels IIa regulation - 14 March 2019