The UK delegation to the CCBE published its declaration on legal services provision in the future partnership agreement between the EU and the UK.

The UK delegation believes that citizens and businesses of Europe should not be put at a disadvantage with regard to access to justice and legal services as a result of Brexit. The EU acquis provides benefits, protections and safeguards and the UK delegation stresses that no harm will come to individuals and businesses.

The declaration emphasises the importance of a comprehensive agreement on justice and legal practice to prevent any diminution of the rights of EU and UK citizens. It also welcomes the commitment to avoiding a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Therefore, the UK delegation calls on the institutions to ensure this is a key priority in the negotiations between the EU and UK, so that EU and UK lawyers can continue to provide services, maintain rights of establishment and qualifications can be mutually recognised after the UK leaves the EU. 

The CCBE UK delegation includes representatives from The Law Society of England and Wales, The Law Society of Scotland, The Law Society of Northern Ireland, The Bar Council of England and Wales, the Faculty of Advocates and The Bar of Northern Ireland.