Dr Helena Raulus, Head of the Brussels Office of the UK Law Socities, will take over as interim Chair of the EU Committee of the British Chamber of Commerce, EU & Belgium with effect from 27th February 2019, holding this position until the official election at the BCC AGM in May. Nikolaus Tacke, Managing Director at Hering Schuppener Brussels, steps down from the role as he moves to a new opportunity at a new company. 

“I am delighted to have been asked by the Chamber to step in as Interim Chair of EU Committee during this period. I am looking forward to charting the future engagement on EU matters for the Chamber. The range of challenges facing us here in Brussels cannot be underestimated. However, I trust we can do this together with our members and the Board.” said Helena.

Outgoing EU Committee Chair Nikolaus Tacke said “It’s been a privilege to be Chair of the EU Committee at the chamber” adding “Thank you to Helena for stepping up at this important time, I wish her all the best and I’m confident that she is the perfect person for the role.”

Chief Executive, Glenn Vaughan, paid tribute to Tacke’s work as Chair. “Nikolaus has made a great contribution to the chamber, providing wise counsel on the board and practical advice and support to our team.”

Helena has been an strong supporter of the British Chamber over many years, serving as an active member of our Future Relations Committee and Chair of our Single Market Task Force.She will assume the role of EU Committee Chair until elections for President and Council taking place at the chamber’s AGM, planned for 23rd May 2019.