The Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) voted on the proposal for a directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market, which is one of the most heavily lobbied proposals of this legislature.

Brussels II A recast

The JURI Committee also discussed the recast of the Brussels IIa Regulation, which was on the Agenda of the European Council on 24 and 25 January. The recast appears to be almost ready and it should be approved within the present legislature; being a special procedure, Parliament has a consultative role only .

Consumer protection

The Committee on Internal market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) voted in favour of a Report on better enforcement and modernisation of EU consumer protection rules. The report approved the introduction of a new blacklisted unfair commercial practice relating to dual quality of products, clarifications on doorstop-selling, rules on more effective and dissuasive penalties to tackle breaches of consumer laws, as well as new rules on transparency of online marketplaces.

Motor insurance directive

The IMCO Committee also approved as amended a report on Insurance against civil liability in respect of the use of motor vehicles. The report considered the Commission’s proposal to amend the Motor Insurance Directive 2009/103/EC. Several amendments addressed the definitions in the Directive (in particular “use of a vehicle”), a mandatory bonus-malus system, insolvency of the insurer, delegated acts, the evaluation and review of the Directive.