Law Society of England and Wales chief executive Catherine Dixon today said she was honoured to be part of London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s Brexit Expert Advisory Group.

“The legal sector underpins the UK economy - and not just because it is worth more than £25.7bn in its own right. In every part of the economy people rely on the advice and support of solicitors,” said Catherine Dixon.

“I look forward to playing my part in the group as we assess the risks, challenges and opportunities presented by Brexit.”

The Mayor’s Brexit Expert Advisory group includes representatives from key parts of the London economy.

“The legal sector is interconnected at every point with the UK economy - a 1 per cent growth in the legal services market creates 8,000 jobs. Each £1 of additional turnover stimulates £1.39 in the rest of the economy. The legal economy grew by eight per cent last year,” Catherine Dixon added.

“English law is a vital export with a global reputation based on its common sense approach to contract law, and its widely respected judiciary. We are also a world centre for dispute resolution.”

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