Commenting on the Scottish Government’s publication of “Scotland’s Place in Europe”, the President of the Law Society of Scotland, Eilidh Wiseman said;

“With all the uncertainty that followed the referendum result, the Scottish Government is to be commended for producing a thorough set of options which deserves proper consideration and analysis.  Whatever the advantages or disadvantages of the various options, the paper provides an important contribution to the debate on Scotland’s future relationship with our European neighbours.

“The Scottish Government is also right to use this paper to set out how further devolution to the Scottish Parliament may be required.  There are particular issues about our legal system and constitutional arrangements which will need careful consideration once EU powers are repatriated. It is clear the Scottish Parliament may need increased devolved powers affecting justice and home affairs, environment law, farming and research.  

“It is vital for the UK Government to take the views of all devolved administrations into account. Last summer, the Prime Minister said she was committed to ensuring Scotland is fully engaged in UK Government discussions on its future relationship with the EU.  We warmly welcomed that approach and the Scottish Government’s new paper certainly provides a basis for what we hope will be a thorough and constructive dialogue between the two administrations.”

The Law Society has responded to consultations on Scotland’s relationship with Europe following the EU Referendum: