Law Society of Scotland has recently submitted its response to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights inquiry ‘The Right to Privacy (Article 8) and the Digital Revolution.’ 

The Law Society pointed out that the consumers are not always aware how their data are being used and therefore governments and organisations which collect people’s data should work together to create good practice standards for managing personal data. It also pointed out the importance of enforcement in making sure the existing rules are effective. Aside from the legislation and enforcement, the Society stressed that there may be a need for cultural change and promoting ethical ways in dealing with personal data.

While much can be done at national level, the Society acknowledges the fact that modern technologies transcend national border and thus the need for international rules and enforcement will become increasingly necessary and important. To this end, international human rights standards such as UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights can be helpful in setting the standard for compliance which is understood and respected at international level.

Law Society of Scotland press release

Law Society of Scotland submission