The European Commission has published its 2019 EU Justice Scoreboard which gives an overview of the effectiveness, quality, and independence of the justice systems in the EU Member States.

The aim of the Justice Scoreboard is to assist national authorities in their efforts to improve their justice systems. 

The Scoreboard also serves as a basis for an informed dialogue to focus on tailored solutions, depending on the specific circumstances in a given country. The Scoreboard continues to develop different indicators on quality and independence, efficiency and takes a closer look at the breakdown of government’s expenditure and presents an overview on the standard for quality of judgements. It also looks at the functioning of prosecution services and intensifies the focus on independence, thus overall the results are mixed.

The Scoreboard presents the management of powers over national prosecution services justice systems, including the appointment and dismissal of prosecutors which are main indicators for the independence of a prosecution service.  It also provides an overview of disciplinary regimes regarding judges in national justice systems and safeguards in place to prevent political control of judicial decisions. 

For further information please see Commission’s press release.

 For full report on the 2019 EU Justice Scoreboard, please click here.