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    Climate lawsuit at the European Court of Human Rights - Cláudia Duarte Agostinho and others v 33 States


    6 Portuguese youths who witnessed the 2017 wildfires in Lisbon which killed 66 and injured over 200, have taken 33 states to the European Court of Human Rights alleging human rights violations, in failing to take sufficient action on climate change. The claim alleges that the rights to life, privacy, ...

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    Key interventions and activities from the Law Society of England and Wales’ International Rule of Law Team


    In this article, the Law Society of England and Wales’ international rule of law team provide some key interventions in relation to lawyers and fundamental rights in Belarus, Venezuela, and Tanzania. Additionally, the Law Society’s Capacity Building and International Women in Law programmes’ activities are highlighted.

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    Poland and the European Union – judicial independence and primacy of EU law


    The recent daily fine imposed on Poland by the Court of Justice of the European Union is but another example of actions taken in the debate on Poland’s recently introduced judicial reforms: the disciplinary chamber falling in the centre of this discussion. This article reviews the background on both sides ...

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    COP26 – what was agreed?


    COP26 has recently come to a close (13 November 2021), allowing time to now digest what was agreed during the Conference and what this means for our aims of limiting global warming and tackling climate change regionally and internationally. This article introduces COP26 and provides a summary of key agreements ...

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    What the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) are doing in relation to fundamental rights


    Karine Metayer, Head of Communications for the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE), provides insight into recent CCBE activities, relating to fundamental rights. The respect of fundamental rights is among the core missions of the CCBE, with lawyers seen as the defenders of fundamental rights. Additionally, the ...

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    European Court of Human Rights rules that the Holy See is a sovereign state


    This article explores the recent landmark judgement of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), marking the first time the Holy See’s statehood or otherwise has been adjudicated on in relation to the child abuse scandal that rocked the Catholic Church.

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    Potential reforms in the EU to address growing e-waste


    As that smart doorbell you ordered for next day delivery the night before arrives, an equivalent pile of e-waste grows on a landfill site, leaving behind a trail of pollutants harmful to the environment and to humans. This article examines the problems associated with the fastest growing waste stream in ...

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    Case law digest - October 2021


    This month’s case digest covers a broad range of judgments and opinions stemming from the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). Issues addressed in the case digest include: what constitutes a ‘defeat device’ for the purposes of emissions control regulations; the European Union’s proposed accession to the Istanbul ...

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    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digitalisation - the challenges and opportunities


    The following article looks at both the positives and the drawbacks of AI and digitalisation technologies potential roles in combating climate challenges. In particular, the article spotlights several environmental wins and AI opportunities in humanitarian issues as well as discusses environmental and social inequality challenges COP26 goals may be faced ...

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    New EU-UK Parliamentary Partnership Assembly


    On 5 October 2021, the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly (686 votes in favour, 2 against, 4 abstentions) in favour of setting up the European Parliament’s new standing delegation to the EU-UK Parliamentary Partnership Assembly. This article provides further detail on the progress of setting up this Assembly on both sides ...

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    Recent European Elections – an overview of Germany and Italy’s autumn elections


    This article discusses the available options for the new German coalition government, and the role that Germany could take at COP26. It also looks at the recent Italian municipal elections and whether the results of these could have an impact on general election results in the next two years.

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    The rise of ‘greenwashing’ in consumer advertising


    As society becomes increasingly aware and sympathetic to climate change issues, it has become ever more trendy for businesses to market themselves as being eco-friendly. However, a significant number of businesses’ claims are false or misleading, to gain a competitive edge over its rivals. This is called ‘greenwashing’. This article ...

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    The European Union at COP26


    This article considers the stance the EU have taken prior to the UN’s Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow at the start of November, and how this could impact other countries to follow their lead.

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    Climate change and lawyers – what is the profession doing right now to tackle the crisis?


    Climate change is increasingly moving onto the table as a priority topic of discussion. In this article we highlight a few of the many organisations and groups that have been set up within the legal profession who are centred around climate change, knowledge-sharing and working collaboratively to develop climate-centric solutions. ...

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    The Law Society’s report, “Horizon Scanning - Climate change risks – the future of law as we know it?” - Key takeaway points


    This article provides a snapshot of key takeaway points from the Law Society’s report, “Horizon Scanning - Climate change risks – the future of law as we know it?” published in February 2020. This summary aims to provide food for thought for those in the legal profession as to the ...

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    Pandora Papers and the reaction of the European Union


    An article commenting on the reaction of EU institutions to the Pandora Papers. Particular focus is paid to the response of the European Parliament with a summary provided of key discussion points raised in their parliamentary debate of the topic on Wednesday 6 October 2021. 

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    ​COP26 and beyond: role of the Law Society of Scotland’s COP26 & climate change working group and the legal profession by Emma Dixon


    Emma Dixon, a senior in-house lawyer, and convener of the Law Society of Scotland’s COP26 & Climate Change Working Group, discusses the impact of COP26 on legal professionals, in their individual and advisory capacity, and role of the Law Society of Scotland’s Working Group on COP26 and Climate Change in ...

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    Climate change and lawyers by Jonathan Goldsmith


    Jonathan Goldsmith, Consultant in European and International Legal Services, Council Member of Law Society of England and Wales, Chair of IBA BIC’s International Trade in Legal Services Committee and Member of UK Delegation to the CCBE provides insight into what climate change means for the legal profession. This article discusses ...

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    Covid-19 and travel: the current landscape


    This article discusses the current landscape regarding Covid-19 and travel abroad, especially focusing on travel rules for England and emphasising the need to review national travel requirements and those of the destination country before departure. 

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    Impact of Covid-19 on the justice system


    On 8 September 2021, the UK Law Societies’ Joint Brussels Office held a webinar discussing Covid-19 and the impact on the justice system. We were joined by The Law Societies of England and Wales’ President, Stephanie I. Boyce, Northern Ireland’s Senior Vice President, Suzanne Rice and Scotland’s President, Ken Dalling, ...