The Commission launched a public consultation to identify issues that may require intervention through the proposed Digital Services Act (DSA). The consultation also aims to identify additional topics related to the environment of digital services and online platforms, which will be further analysed in view of possible upcoming initiatives, should the issues identified require a regulatory intervention. The DSA is designed to update the current e-Commerce Directive (2000) to cover the regulation of online platforms. 

The consultation contains 6 modules:

  • How to effectively keep users safer online? 
  • Reviewing the liability regime of digital services acting as intermediaries
  • What issues derive from the gatekeeper power of digital platforms
  • Other emerging issues and opportunities, including online advertising and smart contracts 
  • How to address challenges around the situation of self-employed individuals offering services through online platforms?
  • What governance for reinforcing the Single Market for digital services?

At the same time, the Commission also launched a public consultation on a new competition tool. The new tool is to deal with structural competition problems across markets which cannot be tackled or addressed in the most effective manner on the basis of the current competition rules (e.g. preventing markets from tipping). 

More information:

Commission consultation on the Digital Services Act and accompanying documents

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