Following the UK’s withdrawal from the Single Market, Customs Union, and during the negotiation process the European Commission has provided guidance to assist those working, living or travelling to the European Union. Following the conclusion of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, the guidance has been updated and now provides greater detail on the present status of citizens’ rights; the consequences for EU businesses and sectoral-specific impacts.

Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA)

  • The final agreement between the UK and EU is available for download in all European languages here
  • A brief explanation by the European Commission as to the agreement’s contents is available here. It is advisable to also consider the impact of the Withdrawal Agreement, UK domestic legislation and the guidance documents available in order to fully assess its impact of the agreement upon your travel, business or clients.
  • The trade DG of the European Commission has detailed guidance on trade here and has prepared FAQs of the top 50 most common questions asked surrounding trade and customs policies from 1 January 2021

Sector-specific guidance documents

  • These guidance documents cover important questions around issues such as state aid, trade tariffs, environmental laws, data protection, competition law and many more.
  • During the negotiation period and following the Finalisation of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, these guidance documents have remained under constant review and subject to regular updates

Member-state guidance

  • Further information is available on the impacts upon individual member-states from the relevant national and regional authorities. The European Commission has produced a list of the key organisations to contact if further enquiries are necessary.