This month's In Focus centres around e-Justice. This is an important issue for the EU currently as it tries to enhance the effectiveness of legal proceedings and the timely delivery of justice for its citizens.

Various legislation is being discussed by the EU in relation to providing a comprehensive e-Justice system, which will be able to tackle to challenge of the increasing use of electronic communication among all those involved in judicial activities.


European Commission looks to modernise civil justice cooperation

On 31 May 2018, the European Commission released a statement outlining its proposals to modernise and digitalise EU civil judicial cooperation for cross-border civil and commercial cases in the EU, and in particular the service of documents.

e-Evidence Initiative published by European Commission

The European Commission have published an e-Evidence Initiative, which was devised with the intention of creating a new framework for EU Member States to access e-evidence, consisting of content data and metadata, across borders.

App that saves phone data aims to help victims of crime

An app has been launched which automatically saves various data, including texts and phone calls, irrespective of whether they are subsequently deleted from the phone. The app is able to present this data in a way that can be used both by law enforcement agencies and as certified evidence in ...

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