forest fire

The crime of ecocide - where are we and next steps

2022-03-03T13:33:00+00:00By Robert Bray

In this guest feature, Robert Bray of the European Law Institute (ELI) takes a deeper dive at what has been done so far to add ecocide as an international crime. The proposal to classify ecocide as an international crime is gathering consensus at international and European level. Stop Ecocide International ...

Strasbourg European Court of Human Rights

Human Rights Act reforms and the UK’s relationship with the European Court of Human Rights by Hazel Blake


As the deadline (8 March) for the Ministry of Justice’s consultation on reforms to the Human Rights Act (HRA) draws closer, the Law Society is busy preparing its analysis of the proposals. The breadth and weight of the proposals make it clear that Dominic Raab is serious about his intention ...

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