Picture of Professor Valsamis Mitsilegas

A new ‘special relationship’ or a damage limitation exercise? EU–UK criminal justice cooperation after Brexit by Professor Valsamis Mitsilegas


This article comes from the Editorial written by Professor. Valsamis Mitsilegas for the New Journal of European Criminal Law. It examines the relationship between the EU and UK following the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement and how criminal justice may be affected by the new provisions. Prof. Mitsilegas also provided ...

Picture of HHJ Brandon

Socio-economic diversity in the legal profession - a discussion with HHJ Brandon


HHJ Brandon currently sits as a Circuit Judge on the Northern Circuit based at Liverpool Crown Court and has done so since 1 April 2019. HHJ Brandon began her schooling at a comprehensive school in the North of England before studying Government and Law at the University of Manchester. After ...

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