Peter Balas

Peter Balas

Péter Balás is a senior policy advisor and member of Covington’s Public Policy & Government Affairs team. He draws on over 40 years of experience in the field of European and international politics and trade to advise clients on policy related issues. Most recently, Ambassador Balás held the positions of Deputy Director General, DG Trade to the European Commission (2005-2014) and Head of the Support Group for the Ukraine in the European Commission (2014-2015). He was previously Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Hungary to the World Trade Organisation. As part of Covington's global public policy and government affairs team, Ambassador Balás is part of a market leading group of experienced lawyers and other former senior policymakers. The team advises clients on a range of European public policy issues, including the EU policy-making processes and the functioning of the European institutions.

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    The Trade Policy Implications of Brexit: High Risk, Murky Rewards


    With greater clarity on both the UK and the EU positions, we now have a better understanding of the huge challenge they face in finding agreed terms for Brexit. Discussions will now begin about the staging of talks, the fate of millions of EU and UK citizens, and the financial ...