The UK Law Societies have just published the report that sets out the key priorities for the upcoming negotiations between the EU and the UK.

These are in particular:

  • maintaining legal certainty for citizens, consumers and businesses in the UK and the EU;
  • ensuring continued co-operation with other Member States in the field of criminal and civil justice, especially family and consumer law, recognition and enforcement of judgments; and
  • maintaining the practice rights of UK lawyers to be able to continue to practise law in the EU and vice versa, the rights of EU, EEA and Swiss lawyers to practise law in the UK.

The report also explores the potential impact of the UK withdrawal from the EU on key areas of law, such as family law, consumer law, criminal justice, recognition and enforcement of judgements, international conventions and solicitors’ practice rights. It highlights such issues as reciprocal rights and obligations and the risk of increasing divergence and fragmentation of the regulatory landscape post-Brexit. 

The report is a result of the UK Law Societies work with their members to map the impact of the UK leaving the EU undertaken between late June 2016 and February 2017. For more details, please check our Brexit page which deals in detail with key areas of law featured in the report.