‘I was lucky enough to be seconded to the Joint Brussels Office of the Law Societies between September 2015 and January 2016.

Since then I finished my training with, and qualified into, the construction law team of a leading UK firm. The secondment was undoubtedly the highpoint of my training.

Whilst in Brussels I was exposed to a whole new world of legal work, covering a wide variety of fields which I had not previously experienced and which equipped me with skills I would not otherwise have gained. The skills (both hard and soft) which I gained were useful during the rest of my training, and continue to be so today. Amongst other activities, I had the opportunity to engage directly with the institutions, meet the UK judges at the CJEU, present to the Law Society’s committees, attend key events and training, and to link up with Belgian firms affiliated with my own. My secondment proved useful not just for me but also for my firm in terms of their international network and recruitment (I was frequently asked to talk about my experience at recruitment events).

All in all the secondment is an experience without equal, which broadens horizon and helps secondees to grow in confidence and knowledge. For firms it represents a unique opportunity and is a useful tool for publicity and recruitment, as well as a means of displaying commitment to future lawyers. I would recommend it without hesitation.’