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    UK-EU FTA Negotiations: talks continue but progress is limited


    Despite initial timeframes earmarking October as the latest date by which a deal could be agreed, UK-EU negotiations are continuing with Christmas now almost upon us. The latest ‘deadline’ was Sunday 13 December, but both sides have agreed to continue talking, raising hope that a deal can still be reached ...

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    ‘Post-transition UK-EU trade in legal services’ by Jonathan Goldsmith


    At the time of writing, it is not known whether the UK and EU will reach agreement on their future trade deal. But from the point of view of the trade in legal services between the UK and the EU, the deal or no-deal cliff-hanger does not make much difference. ...

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    The EU at the WTO: the next Director-General


    In May this year, the Director-General of the World Trade Organisation, Roberto Azevedo, announced his surprise resignation effective on 31 August 2020, a year ahead of schedule. The intergovernmental organisation is currently being run by a coalition of four Deputy Director-Generals serving in an interim capacity.